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ORB Floral Print Jumbo Fidget Poppers


Fidget Popper Shapes are simple, straightforward toys that have a world of developmental and social benefits for all children. And they’re fun for adults too! Pick from either of ORB’s unique and beautiful shapes in floral print colours: either a Butterfly or a Unicorn!

Take it with you anywhere: on long car rides, flights, school bus trips, waiting rooms, to the beach, park, playdates, and more. The kids will stay happily occupied, and it doesn’t require them to stare at a screen all day. It’s simple enough that any age can play and join in the fun, from preschoolers to teenagers, making Jumbo Fidget Poppers the perfect family game for the whole family to play.

ORB’s unique new Fidget Popper Shapes feature six different pop-able bubble sizes on every toy for an additional tactile challenge. Both the Butterfly and Unicorn variants are approximately 30cm (11.5″) wide.


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