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Twisty Petz Series 3 Babies Collectible Bracelet (Style May Vary)


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SKU 12145

Twist ‘em! Wear ‘em! Take ‘em everywhere you go! Twisty Petz are the glitzy bracelets you wear and transform with a twist! This glam set includes: four Twisty Petz Babies made of dazzling gems, a sweet charm and a sparkling jewelry case! To create a bracelet, connect any two Babies together and clip on the charm. Just like that, you have a fabulous bracelet to wear with any outfit! You can also connect three or more Babies and make a necklace. To bring your adorable animals to life, twist your bracelet into a puppy, otter, snow leopard or even a unicorn – they’re all too cute! You can even wear your Twisty Petz Babies as blingy rings! When you’re not wearing your jewels or playing with your Babies, keep them safe in the gem-shaped jewelry case. With a glitter-flecked lid and luxe interior, this case is a stylish way to store your Twisty Petz Babies. Collect all 24 Twisty Petz Babies in Series 3 and create sparkly rings, bracelets, necklaces, backpack accessories and more! Explore all the charming possibilities of Twisty Petz!


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