Top 5 Tips For Dressing Your Kids

Parents, do you struggle to find children’s clothing? Dressing kids can be a lot harder than it looks. From itchy fabrics to strong opinions, sometimes getting kids ready in the morning is a bigger struggle than it needs to be. Everything Kids & More is a children’s store in Antigua specializing in comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing for kids. Read on for our best tips for picking out clothes that your child can move, bend, run, and jump in!

Tip #1: Give Your Kids Options

As soon as your little one can express their opinions, let them “help” you pick out their clothing. This will help them feel more independent and give you a break from always deciding on an outfit. Try picking out a couple of different options and let your kiddo select what they want to wear to keep things simple. If you give them free rein over the whole closet, you might be there for longer than you’d like.

Tip #2: Comfort Is Key

Just like adults, kids also want to feel comfortable in their clothing. Look for kid’s clothes that are soft, lightweight, and easy to put on. Itchy, ill-fitting, and binding clothes aren’t just uncomfortable to wear; they can be a major distraction at school or any other activity your child is doing.We love these Pull-On Twill Shorts for girls. They’re ultra-soft, breathable, and don’t have any pesky snaps or zips for easy dressing.

Tip #3: Pick Clothes Your Kids Will Want To Wear

When picking our children’s clothes, make sure they match their personality. Whether they’re into sports, animals, princesses, or books – get clothing that reflects who your kids are. It will help them be more comfortable and at ease.If you have a shark-lover at home, we can’t get enough of this adorable 3D Pocket-T!

Tip #4: Choose High-Quality Fabrics

Pick out materials that will hold up to plenty of washing and wearing. Think good-quality denim, twills, chambray, and super soft cotton. These fabrics are more likely to withstand plenty of playing, washing, and encounters with the stain remover.Our Chambray Pull-On Shorts for boys will withstand countless hours of playtime!

Tip #5: Don’t Break The Bank

There’s no need to purchase over-the-top designer kids clothes that your little one will grow out of in six months. There are so many excellent children’s brands that sell high-quality, cute clothing at reasonable prices. Browse our entire collection of children’s clothing here. Everything Kids & More offers FREE shipping within St. John’s. Count on us to keep your little ones looking and feeling their best!

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