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Baby Swimming Float (Large)


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SKU 13287


Removable canopy which offers sun protection for protecting baby from sunshine but play fun with water. Our Baby swimming float designed to help babies and parents relax and enjoy the ideal swimming position.

Recommended for ages 6-22 months old, weight 15-35lbs (Size L), this baby swimming float provide an ideal swimming posture for babies. It is easy for the baby to learn to kick and swim in a horizontal position (Instead of vertical ). Front traction rope and safety buckle provides ideal swimming position for safety in the water.

Package includes: 1x manual pump for easy inflation, 1x Removable canopy, 1x swimming float, 1x Front traction rope, 1x Deflate tube.

Pay attention to inflatable do not charge too full (80%-90% of inflating is enough)

Do not leave child unattended while product is in use.


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