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Pop & Play Bubble Popper Stickers- Butterfly


Style: Butterfly

Have you ever caught yourself obsessively clicking your pen, gnawing on the end of your pencil, or tapping your fingers on your desk? Then the Pop & Play Bubble Popper Stickers are your solution!

POP those bad habits and save your surrounding peers’ nerves by placing one of these fun bubble-popping stickers on the front of your notebook, the back of your phone, the front of your laptop, or any other flat surface you can think of.

This back to school season, provide yourself with a safe and completely silent fidgeting experience. Satisfyingly pop the bubbles in the centre of the sticker, watch them magically pop back up, then push them in again to your heart’s content! All that, while flying completely under the radar and allowing yourself and your peers around you to remain focused on the tasks at hand. Your coworkers and classmates will thank you later!

Pop your stress away with these colourful silicone tactile stickers! The Pop & Play Bubble Popper Stickers come in four different variations, so you can have one for home, one for the office, the classroom, the car, your purse, or anywhere you may find convenient. Choose from either the rainbow butterfly, the rainbow pineapple, the rainbow popsicle, or the pink iced drink.


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